At our school we offer the following specialist areas:
  1. Physical Education: Weekly lessons for every year level in a full size gymnasium and outdoor areas.
  2. Visual Arts: Weekly lessons for every year level in a specialised Art room.
  3. Music: Weekly lessons for every year level.
  4. Indonesian: Weekly lessons for every year level in a specialised Indonesian room.We have a range of Information & Communications Technologies resources and programs:
- Two computer labs: All classes are scheduled to participate in ICT (Information & Communications
  Technologies) at least 4 times a week.
- iPads: Every classroom has an iPad. These are used for small group work or individual tasks. They are
  also used for taking photos, videos and making movies.
- Mini computers: We have mini computers called XO available to students in Prep - Year 2.
- Every classroom has four computers available for use for all lessons.
- Interactive whiteboards: Every class has access to a dedicated Interactive whiteboard.
- iMac: Used for video and movie editing.
- Field Trips to the Apple iStore (Fountain Gate)
- We run a number of Digital Learning programs across the school:
Click HERE to access some of the Digital Learning programs we use.

We also offer a range of extra curricular activities including: 
- Instrumental music program: Private and group lessons available
- Library: All classes are scheduled to visit the school library weekly.
- Fleetwood's Got Talent Show (End of Term 2)
- Chess Club: In-school and Interschool competitions
- University of New South Wales Academic Assessment Competitions: English, Mathematics, Computer &
- Student Representative Council (S.R.C.)
- Fleetwood Football League (Term 3): Our Grand Final is played under lights at Sweeney Reserve
- Swimming Program (Prep - 2)
- Perceptual Motor Program (P.M.P)
- Interschool Sport Program
- School Sports Expo & Cross Country (Term 1)
- School Athletics Carnival
- Divisional Swimming Team
- Divisional Cross Country Team
- Divisional Athletics Competition Team

- Annual Netball competition
- Premier's Reading Challenge
- Sandown 'Students On Track' program
- End of Year Christmas Concert

We have an annual camping program that provides our students opportunities to explore a variety of environments:
- Year 2 Sleepover/Father's Day Breakfast (September)
- Year 3 Camp (Beach)
- Year 4 Camp (Bush)
- Year 5 Camp (City)
- Year 6 Camp (To be advised))
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