Message from our Principal
"Welcome to Fleetwood Primary School, a school community where students are safe, happy and learning. At our school, programs are designed to meet your child's individual learning needs. Our school motto 'Achieving Excellence Together' is an indication of our commitment to work with families to ensure each child achieves success. We aim to assist your child to achieve both socially and academically through their primary years. We believe education is every child's right and as a school we have the responsibility to ensure that each child reaches their full potential. Our 'Home/School Partnership' is an effective way in which we support student learning. Each family signs a 'Partnership Agreement' designed to assist communication between home and school and to support student learning. Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child's education by becoming involved in classroom support programs, attending community events and celebrations, joining School Council or our Fleetwood And Community Events committee (F.A.C.E). Should any concerns arise regarding your child's educational progress over their primary school years, your first point of contact is your child's teacher. If necessary the school’s Principal Class are also available to work with families towards developing positive and productive solutions to support your child in the learning process. On behalf of the staff and the School Council, I look forward to sharing an exciting time with you and your child as they learn, develop and achieve their best at Fleetwood Primary School."
- Sue Cox, Principal

Term Dates

Term 1   3o January -  29 March
Term 2   16 April - 29 June
Term 3   16 July - 21 September
Term 4   8 October -  21 December

Weekly Events

School Assembly: Friday 2:30pm. Please note: There will be no assemblies during Camp weeks as the campers need to meet in the P.A.C. when they return on Friday afternoons. 
Last week of Term: Friday 9:15am

School Newsletter: Weekly on a Thursday via FlexiBuzz.

Absence Note

Please use the Flexibuzz ap on your phone or iPad to enter absences.
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Events At Fleetwood

                             ​Maths Garden
The final touches have almost been completed on the maths garden. The Tiger Turf grass went in last week to complete the main section of this area. Teachers are now beginning to visit with their classes to use the area. In time I would like to fence off part of the area, include some outdoor tables and close in an area to store outdoor maths equipment like trundle wheels, rulers, water tubs and containers for volume activities.

School Tour

Please contact us on 9705-2281 to book a school tour.​

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